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High Intensity Interval Training: Are You Getting The Maximum Benefits From These Workouts?

It seems we hear about high intensity interval training (HIIT) everywhere these days. High Intensity interval training is a type of exercise that alternates intense exercise with periods of recovery. Some popular workouts that utilize the HIIT format are Insanity, Tabata, circuit training, and Orange Theory.

Research has consistently shown that 40 minutes of high Intensity interval training produces greater increases to your metabolism and burns more calories than other types of activity performed for the same 40 minutes.

So if the entire theory of HIIT is based on the rise and fall of our heart rate during the workouts then the next question we need to ask is what should my high and low Target heart rate actually be?

Below is a formula to calculate your low and high target heart rate so you can maximize your results.

Low zone= The recovery/resting phase target heart rate is 60% High zone= The intense/active phase target heart rate is 90%

To Calculate Target Heart Rate 1. 220 - age - resting heart rate x 60 percent + resting heart rate=low zone 2. 220 - age - resting heart rate x 90 percent + resting heart rate=high zone

Example 40 year old female Resting heart rate (pulse) of 60 beats per minute

Low Zone = 132 beats per minute 1. 220-40-60= 120 2. 120 X 60%= 72 3. 72+ 60= 132

High Zone = 168 beats per minute 1. 220-40-60= 120 2. 120 X 90%= 108 3. 108+ 60= 168

* these are general guidelines for healthy adults. Please consult your physician if you have any medical conditions.

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